TreeZero Appoints Dan Hendrix as Board Chairman

TreeZero Appoints Dan Hendrix as Board Chairman

Former Interface CEO brings sustainability expertise to tree-free paper company                                                                                                                                                                                            

ATLANTA, November 15, 2017 – Daniel T. (Dan) Hendrix has been named chairman of the board for TreeZero, an Atlanta-based company pioneering in the marketing, sales and distribution of 100 percent tree free paper. The chairman and former CEO of Interface, a $1 billion global manufacturer of modular carpet, Dan is recognized for leading the publicly traded company to record earnings while pursuing robust sustainability goals.

“Dan brings a unique skill set that will help us as we grow and expand both our geographic reach and the product mix of TreeZero,” said Mike Nilan, co-founder and CEO of TreeZero. “His experience as a public company CEO is invaluable, as is his deep understanding of the marketplace for sustainable products.”

Named youngest CFO at a Fortune 500 company in 1989, Dan was at the helm during the company’s global expansion, and worked alongside Interface Founder Ray Anderson when he put the company on an ambitious path to zero environmental footprint. He was named Interface president and CEO in 2001, was honored as CEO of the Year by Ethical Corporation, Responsible Business Awards 2016. He retired as CEO in 2017 and remains the company’s chairman.

Dan Hendrix

“Sustainability can be a huge catalyst for innovation, and that’s certainly true for TreeZero, which has created an alternative to paper products sourced from trees by tapping into an agricultural waste stream,” said Hendrix. “The team at TreeZero is poised to grow the company and its economic and environmental impact, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the journey.”

TreeZero’s chairman is elected by the board of directors following a nomination from the company’s executive committee. Former chairman of the board, Ed Kennedy, will continue his advisory role with the company as co-founder and director.

About TreeZero

TreeZero is rethinking what paper is made from, with a high-performance product that is harvested from sugar cane waste, a rapidly renewable resource. TreeZero is part of the clean tech economy, offering businesses and consumers a transformative product that is the only 100 percent tree free, carbon neutral paper. TreeZero paper is completely recyclable within existing recycling systems, and according to Ricoh test results, the quality of TreeZero paper surpasses other recycled paper brands. TreeZero paper is available for purchase at office supply distributors such as Artlite, Essendant, Office Depot/Office Max®, Ricoh Canada, Staples®, Veritiv™ and W.B. Mason. It can also be found online at Amazon and Walmart as well as in-store at FedEx® Office locations nationwide.

For more information, visit, follow on Twitter @TreeZeroPaper, or like TreeZero Paper on Facebook.

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for TreeZero, 404.661.3679


Power of One: 4 Ways You Can Take on Climate Change

Have you heard about the Power of One?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about climate change, from record-breaking heat to more extreme weather events.

These stories are a great opportunity to recognize the toll these changes can take on people. This awareness lets us zone in on who are especially vulnerable and what kind of help they need.
To be honest, the gravity of the problem can feel overwhelming.
Trying to solve such a big, complex challenge can leave you feeling helpless or powerless. And however unlikely it may seem that one person can make a difference, one person actually can.
It’s the idea behind the Power of One.

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” 

While we each have individual journeys, and alone our strength may seem small, it’s not. There is an entire group of supporters and like-minded individuals around us who are discovering with us and helping us as we go.
This is fun and exhilarating and fulfilling. Because change only happens when individuals act. As Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
So, let’s get started. Here are four ways you can raise your voice, take action and get involved to take on climate change.



Arm Yourself with Education

The New York Times published a new report from scientists at 13 federal agencies. The study found that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change. So, how do you get involved? Do your research! This will help you learn how to change some of your behaviors to reduce your impact on the environment.


Follow Your Money

Do you invest? Become a shareholder activist. One way to combat climate change be selective about the companies you invest in. Are you researching their sustainability policies? Making an impact takes more than just recycling; we must avoid funding bad practices. Think about investing in companies that use clean, safe renewables.
You can even drive change with your smartphone! With apps like Buycott or OpenLabel, you can scan product bar codes and spot harmful products. These apps also help you find companies like TreeZero that have strong sustainable products.


Use Fewer Resources

There’s a good chance you’re already doing some of the things that help reduce your own carbon footprint, such as:
  1. Using energy-saving light bulbs
  2. Reducing meat consumption or buying locally produced food
These small steps are vital. Also consider:
  1. Reducing your water usage
  2. Walking or riding your bike
  3. Taking public transportation
  4. Carpooling with a friend or coworker
Conserving resources is good for everybody, especially the planet.



Use your voice and let others know what you’ve learned about great sustainable practices. Talk with your family and friends. It’s great that you want to change your habits, but the real magic happens when you convince others to adopt greener lifestyles. This sets off a ripple effect, as one person tells two more and those two tell two more, and so on.
Remind your peers that working together can make a greater difference. Get involved with conservation and volunteer to protect local green spaces. Consider asking local lawmakers to encourage projects that improve the environment around you.


Now you can go forward with confidence knowing that you can take on climate change and make a difference. As Jane Goodall said, “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Oh, and never forget about the Power of One.


Pedaling to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Bike to Work Day

Friday, May 19th is Bike to Work day. It’s time to swap out your car keys or subway card for two wheels. Will you be a participant?

Why Should You Bike to Work?

There are many reasons including staying fit, saving money, or avoiding traffic delays.  The reason we at TreeZero like best is that it helps reduce your carbon footprint.  According to The League of American Bicyclists, 40% of all trips in the U.S. are less than two miles, making bicycling a feasible and fun way to get to work. biking to workWith increased interest in healthy, sustainable and economic transportation options, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. more than doubled since 2000.

You can do it
It sounds simple because it is. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, Bike to Work Day is your chance to give it a try. In fact, many of the largest U.S. cities will host Bike to Work Day events.  Your effort make a difference. Many people who participate in a Bike to Work Day promotion as first-time commuters become regular bike commuters. Everyone’s commute is improved when people ride a bike. 

Do it for fun
Leave the car at home and dust off the bike. Enjoy your commute for once. Notice the people, the buildings, the trees and much biking together Then you don’t have to limit yourself to just bicycle commuting to work. Try riding your bike whenever possible. Ride with  your entire family. Maybe it’s a trip to a local farmer’s market or just exploring your city – just remember to have fun!

TreeZero Partners with Wildlife Works to Protect Threatened Forests in Africa

TreeZero Partners with Wildlife Works to Protect Threatened Forests in Africa

Partnership Expands Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

ATLANTA – May 1, 2017 – TreeZero, a sustainable paper company, has announced a partnership with Wildlife Works to support the preservation of threatened forests in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Additionally, the partnership has enabled TreeZero to become carbon neutral and offset its product carbon emissions.

“Our partnership with Wildlife Works joins two organizations focused on innovative solutions to conserve the world’s biodiversity,” said Mike Nilan, CEO of TreeZero. “We care about the world we live in, and we have products made in a way that positively impacts the environment today – and for generations to come.”

TreeZero’s premium, multipurpose paper is made from sugarcane fiber waste that is 100 percent tree free. The company achieved carbon neutrality for its paper by offsetting the carbon emissions generated from producing and processing the sugarcane, and manufacturing, distributing and recycling the paper. TreeZero has retroactively purchased verified emission reductions (VERs), also known as carbon offsets, for every single ream of paper produced and sold since the inception of the company – and has made the commitment to continue to purchase carbon offsets for future sales.

Wildlife Works is the world’s leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) project development and management company. REDD+ is a climate change mitigation strategy envisioned by The United Nations to stop the deforestation responsible for pumping more than 7 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each year and accounting for 15 percent of global annual greenhouse gas emissions – more than the entire worldwide transportation sector.

“By creating value for standing trees through partnerships with organizations such as TreeZero, we’re able to fund our conservation efforts in Africa to protect forests and the wildlife that live in them,” said Mike Korchinsky, founder and president of Wildlife Works. “With TreeZero and other progressive corporations, we’re protecting 1.2 million acres of forests and preventing more than 5.4M tonnes of C02 emissions from being released each year for the 30-year life of the project. We’re also bringing sustainable development benefits to more than 200,000 local people who live in the forest area, in addition to protecting habitat for more than 300 species of wildlife.”

Approximately 300 million tons of paper is consumed worldwide each year.[1] According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests have been destroyed with 40 percent of deforestation driven by the paper industry.

“TreeZero is providing an alternative to paper production for those who want top quality paper and have a desire to move the needle on deforestation,’” said Nilan. “At the same time, we challenge others to go beyond conventional thinking to create solutions that further the circular economy.”

Nilan and Korchinsky are on the “Business for Sustainable Solutions” panel at The Rethinking Animals Summit in New York, May 6 and 7. They will discuss the TreeZero and Wildlife Works partnership and illustrate ways businesses can be profitable while protecting the environment and biodiversity.

About TreeZero

TreeZero is an Atlanta-based sustainable solutions company that markets, supplies and distributes environmentally responsible agro fiber paper products. TreeZero paper is the only premium 100 percent tree free, carbon neutral paper made from sugarcane waste fiber. It is completely recyclable within existing recycling systems and surpasses other recycled paper brands in Ricoh tests. TreeZero paper is available at office supply distributors such as Artlite, Essendant, Office Depot/Office Max®, Ricoh Canada, Staples®, Veritiv™ and W.B. Mason, online at Amazon and Walmart and in-store at FedEx® Office locations nationwide. For more information, visit and connect with TreeZero on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

About Wildlife Works

Wildlife Works Carbon LLC is a unique private sector forest conservation company founded in 2009 aiming to make a massive contribution to reducing global emissions by protecting some of the most important and highly threatened tropical forests in the world. Wildlife Works is currently engaged in several developing country forest communities, managing their transition away from forest destruction and towards sustainable economic development. Wildlife Works uses the innovative market mechanism REDD+ to finance activities and to provide the financial incentives for those communities and governments to protect their forests. REDD+ places a value on the natural capital of standing forests as the key element in mitigating climate change and sells that value to willing corporate leaders and individuals who are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their organizations. In addition to reducing emissions from avoiding deforestation, Wildlife Works REDD+ projects deliver unprecedented environmental and social benefits to seriously impoverished parts of the world that are in desperate need of change. 

Media Relations Contact

Ashley Biondich

FleishmanHillard (for TreeZero)



Arbor Day: A Celebration and Appreciation of Trees

Let’s celebrate trees this Arbor Day. Trees do so much for us.  They provide shade, reduce energy costs and increase our property values. Along our streets, they reduce storm water runoff that can carry pollutants to our waterways. Throughout our communities, they improve the mental and respiratory health, break up heat islands, create jobs and boost the economy.

In forests, they restore critical wildlife habitat, provide opportunities for recreation and maintain healthy watersheds to protect drinking water resources.  And no matter where they’re planted, trees are working hard to combat climate change, clean the air and shield us from ultra-violet rays.  Trees filter pollutants out of our air and water. They absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air.  Trees provide food for humans, birds and wildlife, alike.  One apple tree can provide 15 to 20 bushels of fruit a year.

Trees provide immeasurable beauty and serenity that feed the human soul. At times, they can take our breath away.  This Friday, April 28th, is Arbor Day.  Take notice. Observe. Celebrate and be grateful for the trees around you.  TreeZero invites you to plant a tree and make a positive impact in your community.

Visit us at TreeZero.  Learn more about how choosing our tree free paper helps the environment and your business or organization to be more sustainable.

Ready to go tree free? Email us and we’ll get you started.

Easy ways to “go green” at the office to celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up at the end of the month. You’re already trying to be as “green” as you can be at home, so now it’s time to make your workplace just as sustainable.  There are lots of simple changes you can make to raise awareness of environmental issues, create a sustainable workplace, and encourage your co-workers to make and participate in sustainable choices.

Here’s a few ways to make any office Earth Day-ready:

  1. Think Before You Print. Refrain from printing things that can easily be read or saved on the computer. And, if you decide to print, TreeZero encourages you to use our tree free multipurpose paper. We also suggest that you set up your printers to print two-sided, set your margins as wide and your font size as small as possible. Not only will you save paper, but you’ll think twice about what you’re sending out.recycle bins
  2. Recycle Everything You Can. Recycling is one of the easiest, least demanding and least expensive ways to go green. Strategically place recycling bins around the office to encourage people to properly dispose of paper, aluminum, plastic, glass and other items. As your office becomes more involved in the recycling, you can also set up separate bins for items such as batteries and ink cartridges.biking to work
  3. Commute Smarter. Walk or cycle to work if you can.  Take public transportation (tip: buy bulk passes to save money). As a bonus with either of these two options, you’ll get additional exercise on your way to and from work.  If you must drive, carpool or car share.  According to the EPA, ditching your car for two days per week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per at work
  4. Conserve Water. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge instead of running the tap. Don’t pour left over water down the drain.  Use it to water the plants.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to bring your dog to the office, use left over water to fill the dog’s water team 2
  5. Start a Green Team. Get your office to create a sustainability team. Gather team members from a cross-section of the company and work together to develop and maintain green practices for your company. Keep it fun and encourage company-wide participation rewarding creative ideas.  Your new Green Team can inspire, activate, and engage employees to create meaningful changes within your company.  Otherwise, what’s the use of these tips if no one is using them?

Let us know how you’ve made your office a more sustainable place to work. Share some of your favorite sustainable ideas.  We look forward to celebrating and supporting Earth Day 2017 with all of you!

5 Simple & Practical Tips To Make Printing More Sustainable

Concern for our environment and sustainable practices have never been as important and popular than now.  As this awareness increases and stakeholders become increasingly sensitive to any and all efforts made to help our environment, more sustainable printing practices should be on the top of list.

5 Simple & Practical Tips To Make Printing More Sustainable

Here’s a list of five simple and practical printing tips that you can start implementing today at home or at your office to make your printing more sustainable.

Tip #1. Use tree free paper.  Using tree free paper is not only environmentally friendly and it’s usually as affordable as recycled tree-alternatives. (Did you know that using one pallet (40 boxes) of TreeZero  paper saves 24 trees?)

Tip #2. Print on both sides of the paper.  If you need to print, this is about as simple an environmentally friendly idea as you can get. Do it and you’ll halve your paper costs and cut down on your carbon footprint.

Select Two-Sided Printing

Select Two-Sided Printing

Tip #3. Maximize your margins. Many people default to standard margin settings out of convenience, but by expanding your margins you can significantly cut down on the number of pages printed, while still maintaining a professional look.

Tip #4. Use it again. You printed a test sheet and are about to toss it in the recycling bin, but there’s a whole side of blank paper just waiting to be used.  Pop your non-confidential documents back into the printer and use the other side of the page next time.

Recycling Bin

Use the back of paper from the recycle bin to make notes

Tip #5. Alternatives to Printing.  Ask yourself “Do I Need to Print?”  Challenge your printing habits.  You may still want to print some documents, but think about these alternatives:

  • Save, don’t print. Do you print because you worry you won’t find something online again? Transfer your paper organization skills to the computer.
  • Read on Screen. We want to find information online quickly. We tend to “scan” or “skim” as to read through online content.  If we see paragraphs with longer lines, we may tend to skip it.  This habit makes it difficult to read online but over time you can adjust your “skipping” habits and decrease your need to print.
  • Say No to Printing PowerPoint Presentations. Typically, PowerPoint presentations are filled with graphics and colored backgrounds and little text. Instead of printing, use the functions within PowerPoint to take notes or make comments. By writing the information down yourself you become more familiar with the material, can make digital edits others can easily use and be green all at the same time.
  • Use Scrap Paper and write it down.  Grab a sheet or two from the recycle bins near the printers. Use those to write your notes.

TreeZero Appoints Craig Ramsey as President and Jeffrey Foote as Executive Vice President of Sustainability

TreeZero Appoints Craig Ramsey as President and Jeffrey Foote as Executive Vice President of Sustainability

Management Team to Focus on Company Growth and Sustainability Strategy

ATLANTA, February 8, 2017 – TreeZero, the only company that offers premium 100 percent tree free, carbon neutral paper in North America, announced Craig Ramsey as its president and Jeff Foote as executive vice president of sustainability. With the expanded management team, TreeZero aims to further strengthen its commitment to the highest sustainability standards.

Ramsey who recently made the transition to the role of president was an early investor in TreeZero. Co-founder Mike Nilan will remain as CEO. Co-founder Edward Kennedy, will remain as chairman of the board and will remain active in strategic partnerships and sales.

“After spending more than 30 years with Accenture, Craig brings extensive management, strategic planning and business optimization experience to TreeZero,” said Nilan. “Craig’s leadership will help to accelerate our growth and solidify our reputation as a North American leader in sustainable paper solutions.”

Ramsey was a member of the North America leadership team and headed the Atlanta office – one of the largest Accenture offices in the world during the last ten years of his tenure with Accenture. From there, he oversaw business development and client service for the company’s southeastern region and was a leader in market growth, corporate citizenship and community involvement.

“TreeZero’s 100 percent tree free, carbon neutral paper is one of the most innovative products in the paper industry in nearly 30 years – since the introduction of recycled paper. I’m proud that TreeZero’s paper products along with our partnerships and distribution channels are changing the way people think about paper,” said Ramsey. “As companies and consumers increasingly search for ways to help our environment, TreeZero is well positioned for rapid development and expansion as it offers products that are aligned with their sustainability goals.”

Foote, who initially joined TreeZero in an advisory role in March 2016, spent 20 years at The Coca-Cola Company in key leadership roles, developing and implementing sustainability goals and objectives across multiple functions including strategy and innovation. He currently serves on the board of the Georgia Recycling Coalition.

“Jeff’s strategic sustainability expertise will help us gain insights on emerging best practices and opportunities that will positively impact our plans for rapid growth,” said Nilan. “His experience will enable us to strengthen our relationships with key environmental and sustainability advocacy groups. Jeff possesses extensive expertise in sustainability through his experience at The Coca-Cola Company and his sincere passion for a more sustainable world.”

TreeZero will be launching a newsletter encompassing insight from Foote, curated content focused on sustainability along with best practices from around the globe. The newsletter will provide an enlightened perspective for those caring about the environment and its future.

Foote, also an investor in TreeZero, said he joined the management team because of the difference the company is making in sustainability. “Thousands of public companies, colleges and universities, and government agencies are developing and implementing sustainable sourcing programs to help them achieve public commitments to reduce impact on deforestation, cut their carbon footprints and eliminate waste. Purchasing and using TreeZero paper is an easy solution for any organization to add as part of its comprehensive, sustainable sourcing strategy.”

World Resources Institute estimates that 30% of global forest cover has been cleared and another 20% has been degraded. Most of the rest has been fragmented, leaving only about 15% intact. According to the United Nations, deforestation and forest degradation account for approximately 17% of carbon emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector and second only to the energy sector. TreeZero paper is a simple and convenient option for organizations interested in reducing the impact of deforestation and climate change.

About TreeZero

TreeZero is an Atlanta-based sustainable solutions company that markets, supplies, and distributes environmentally responsible agro fiber paper products for leading companies, colleges and universities, government agencies and consumers with a passion for sustainability. TreeZero’s flagship product TreeZero paper is the only premium 100 percent tree free, carbon neutral paper made from sugarcane waste fiber. It is completely recyclable within existing recycling systems. According to Ricoh test results, the quality of TreeZero paper surpasses other recycled paper brands. TreeZero paper is available at office supply distributors such as Artlite, Essendant, Office Depot/Office Max®, Ricoh Canada, Staples®, Veritiv™ and W.B. Mason, online
at Amazon and Walmart and in-store at FedEx® Office locations nationwide.

For more information, visit, follow on Twitter @TreeZeroPaper, or like TreeZero Paper on Facebook.

Media Relations Contact
Jamia Cammeron
FleishmanHillard (for TreeZero)

Taking Paper to the Next Level

Taking Paper to the Next Level

Welcome to TreeZero’s blog – “Taking Paper to the Next Level”.

Our goal is to reach that next level for paper products by remaking the way we make things with innovation and sustainability.

Innovation is in our DNA and Sustainability is its partner. As our name implies, there are ZERO trees used in the making of our multipurpose copy paper. Seriously, a paper product made with no trees! 100% tree free paper is the most forward-thinking advancement in the paper industry since the introduction of recycled paper in the 1970’s. Forests along with the animals and the communities that rely upon them for their lives and livelihoods need innovation like this! And, we as a global community do too! We use agro fiber waste – specifically sugarcane waste fiber – for our multipurpose copy paper for the manufacturing process as raw material and renewable fuels as our major manufacturing functions.

Not only do we approach the way we make things differently, but we are committed to do so in a sustainable manner. Our TreeZero paper is also Carbon Neutral. What does that mean? We have determined the CO2 generated from our product’s entire value chain – from the growing and processing of the sugarcane through the manufacturing, distribution and disposal of the paper.  TreeZero has committed to offset these carbon emissions through the purchase of a corresponding amount of carbon credits. We are participating in REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects managed by Wildlife Works in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. By doing this, TreeZero is the only tree free, carbon neutral copy paper in North America!

Thank you to the thousands of companies – large and small, colleges and universities, government agencies and individuals who use TreeZero paper every day and care about the environment like we do.

We’ll use this blog forum to share our thoughts with you about a variety of subjects and topics.

Thanks for tuning in, sharing, and being a part of the journey.