Taking Paper to the Next Level

Taking Paper to the Next Level

Welcome to TreeZero’s blog – “Taking Paper to the Next Level”.

Our goal is to reach that next level for paper products by remaking the way we make things with innovation and sustainability.

Innovation is in our DNA and Sustainability is its partner. As our name implies, there are ZERO trees used in the making of our multipurpose copy paper. Seriously, a paper product made with no trees! 100% tree free paper is the most forward-thinking advancement in the paper industry since the introduction of recycled paper in the 1970’s. Forests along with the animals and the communities that rely upon them for their lives and livelihoods need innovation like this! And, we as a global community do too! We use agro fiber waste – specifically sugarcane waste fiber – for our multipurpose copy paper for the manufacturing process as raw material and renewable fuels as our major manufacturing functions.

Not only do we approach the way we make things differently, but we are committed to do so in a sustainable manner. Our TreeZero paper is also Carbon Neutral. What does that mean? We have determined the CO2 generated from our product’s entire value chain – from the growing and processing of the sugarcane through the manufacturing, distribution and disposal of the paper.  TreeZero has committed to offset these carbon emissions through the purchase of a corresponding amount of carbon credits. We are participating in REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects managed by Wildlife Works in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. By doing this, TreeZero is the only tree free, carbon neutral copy paper in North America!

Thank you to the thousands of companies – large and small, colleges and universities, government agencies and individuals who use TreeZero paper every day and care about the environment like we do.

We’ll use this blog forum to share our thoughts with you about a variety of subjects and topics.

Thanks for tuning in, sharing, and being a part of the journey.