News Round-Up: Investing in Sustainability

There are many ways you can incorporate sustainable practices into your personal and professional life.  From recycling at home to encouraging your company’s supply chain to adopt sustainable practices, sustainability is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Another way to impact your sustainability goals is through socially responsible investing or sustainable, “green” or ethical investing.  Investors employing this strategy seek to consider both financial returns and social good to bring about a social change. This Round-Up covers several interesting items related to “the news” on sustainable investing.



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Interest In Environmental, Social and Corporate Governing (ESG) Investing Rises Around The World, Study Says

Over the years many investing trends have come and gone, but ESG investing appears to be here to stay.  In Schroders Global Investor Study 2017,  78 percent of more than 22,000 investors claimed that sustainability is more important than it was five years ago. Sixty-four percent claim that they have increased their allocation to sustainable funds over the last five years.

Schroders said that sustainable investing was the most commonly selected choice from a list of investment topics that investors said they would like to learn more about, ahead of topics like asset classes and the effects of compounding (Tweet about this)




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