Ossabaw Preserve celebrates wild status after 40 years – The development of nearby Hilton Head Island in the 1960s alerted many in Georgia to the prospect of intensive development on barrier islands. It motivated the state to acquire land on barrier islands. And it motivated Ossabaw’s Eleanor Torrey “Sandy” West, whose parents had bought the island for $150,000 in the 1920s, to figure out a way to keep it protected despite a mounting tax burden. West and her family sold the island to the state for $8 million, half its assessed value, with the additional guarantee Ossabaw would be a heritage preserve used only for “natural, scientific and cultural study, research and education and environmentally sound preservation, conservation and management of the island’s ecosystem.” Philanthropist and longtime president of Coca-Cola, Robert Woodruff, donated $4 million toward the purchase and the state provided the rest. West, who was 65 at the time of the sale, remained on a 23-acre life estate on the island until 2016 when she moved to an assisted living facility in Savannah where she celebrated her 105th birthday in January. Her life estate ownership remains in place.

Nation’s first credit union that promotes clean energy adoption now open –  Clean Energy Credit Union   (CECU) today announced that it has officially launched and is now taking savings account deposits and making clean energy loans.

Dear Future: Coca-Cola Co. USA Calls on Young Adults for Change – Making Ideas to Renew Local Communities – Through Oct. 15, 18 to 24-year-olds across the U.S. can submit ideas to tackle community-specific challenges at . $30,000 grants to 17 change-making ideas. Video:

50-State Food System Scorecard – Ranking the states on farm and food health.

BlackRock, Wells Fargo Eye ESG Funds For 401(k)s –

Impact investments made by more than 70% of millennials and Gen Xers  –

Video: Salesforce, Intel Part of a New Goldman Sachs Backed Impact ETF –

How Bidets are Saving the Planet, One Spray at a Time – The toilet paper industry is responsible for the destruction of  27,000 trees per day , or a staggering 15 million trees per year. The toilet paper production process results in 15 percent of deforestation. There’s also water waste to the tune of  37 gallons  just by flushing a single roll of toilet paper, whereas a bidet uses only one pint.  TUSHY  is a stylish, modern bidet attachment that works with your existing toilet and it’s taking butt hygiene to a whole new level.

Food waste is going to take over the fashion industry –  Through new materials startup  Circular Systems , which converts natural waste fibers into usable materials, Isaac Nichelson wants to set the fashion industry on a new path toward more sustainable production and sourcing.

Your Small Business Needs a Corporate Social Responsibility Report – The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)  offers introductory guidelines  on SME sustainability reporting.

Project Catalyst is a pioneering partnership between more than 70 innovative Queensland cane growers, Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups, the Australian Government, WWF and The Coca-Cola Foundation. The project aims to support sugarcane growers and promote groundbreaking farm practices that improve water quality from sugarcane farms impacting the Great Barrier Reef.



Exclusive: Global warming set to exceed 1.5°C, slow growth – UN draft –  “If emissions continue at their present rate, human-induced warming will exceed 1.5°C by around 2040,” according to the report, Temperatures are already up about 1°C (1.8°F) and are rising at a rate of about 0.2°C a decade, according to the draft, requested by world leaders as part of the Paris Agreement.

The European Union has agreed a 32% target for renewable energy after earlier talks on energy efficiency failed to find an agreement. –

Video Can Kenya sustain its charcoal consumption? – The high demand for charcoal in Kenya is leading to major issues like deforestation, and now companies are finding ways to use it sustainably. –

Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we are in serious trouble –  Antarctica’s ice sheet is melting at a rapidly increasing rate, now pouring more than 200 billion tons of ice into the ocean annually and raising sea levels a half-millimeter every year, a team of 80 scientists reported Wednesday.

How to save Antarctica (and the rest of Earth too) – Under the worst-case scenario of high greenhouse gas emissions and low or ineffective regulations, the global air temperature would rise nearly 5C above 1850 levels. Antarctica would contribute more than 25 cm to a total global sea level rise of more than a metre.  This could lead eventually to the collapse of the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and around 3.5 m of  sea level rise .

The #IceBoxChallenge  is a contest and an experiment to demonstrate how a home can be super energy efficient AND comfortable.

End of the ‘gas rush?’ Renewables, storage reaching cost parity, report finds –

Millions of Florida Homeowners Owners Can Access HERO Program to pay for energy efficiency and wind resistant upgrades overtime – .

What Is A Cool Roof? A Pro Explains This Affordable, Energy Efficient System – DOE Video –

This concrete can trap CO2 emissions forever –  Cement is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse emissions, making it the world’s second largest industrial source of carbon dioxide. Canadian startup  CarbonCure’s system  takes captured CO2 and injects it into concrete as it’s being mixed. Once the concrete hardens, that carbon is sequestered forever. Even if the building is torn down, the carbon stays put. That’s because it reacts with the concrete and becomes a mineral.

Students from Columbia University Place First in Net Impact’s Inaugural “Drawdown INNOVATE” Challenge Sponsored by Interface –

All of Interface’s Flooring Is Now Carbon Neutral – At No Extra Cost to Customers –

In Argentina,  Coca-Cola FEMSA will become the first company to use 100 percent renewable energy –

Scientists find affordable way to recapture CO2 and burn it –



3D View of Amazon Forests Captures Effects of El Nino Drought  –

Amazon deforestation surges in Colombia, report says –

England ‘highly likely’ to be suffering from deforestation, campaigners warn


Chinese company also wants to restart Newberg paper mill – The Atlanta-based owner of Newberg’s shuttered paper mill now says it’s open to “all options” for selling the mill, after the Portland Tribune published a story documenting the company’s efforts to assure the mill’s papermaking machinery is turned into scrap metal so it can’t be reused to make pulp or paper.    htts://

American Express is creating credit cards made from plastic found in the oceans –

 Spokane businesses are saving thousands by recycling, thanks to this local company’s help  –  Erik Makinson, founder of Resource Synergy, will literally dive through your dumpster to help you find out just how much money you’re wasting. “What I’ve found is unless four components exist, a program won’t go forward: those are time, knowledge, capital and motivation.

 Hello, Recommerce: The North Face Launches Used Clothing Line –

 NBA’S HAWKS OFFER SUSTAINABILITY LESSON – The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks partnered with Atlanta’s Rubicon Global, to spend five days pulling out seats and then recycling as much as possible, diverting the seats from a landfill and saving 265 tons of carbon emissions in the process.  “Our partnership with the Hawks and Philips Arena is a great example of a sustainable renovation on a large scale,” said David Rachelson, vice president of sustainability for Rubicon.

 Stop Junk Mail For Good –

CNN Money Video Interview with James Quincey, President & CEO of The Coca-Cola Company – How big brands are trying to pull off a recycling revolution.

 Podcast: Sancroft consultant, Ross Lakhdari, is joined by Lord Deben and Alison Hampton to discuss the evolving narrative around plastics from an investor’s perspective.

 US, Japan abstain from Ocean Plastics Charter, reactions vary –

 British retailer Tesco  has announced  that it will sell ‘green’ lemons to help customers facing a UK shortage, and to cut down on food waste.

 PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally Program Challenges Schools to Reduce Waste, Increase Recycling –

 How recycling more steel and aluminum could slash imports without a trade war –

 Wishful recycling turns wasteful: Athens-Clarke County warns of recycling contaminants – The recycling plant takes in about 80 tons of materials each day, Joe Dunlop , waste reduction administrator for the ACC Recycling Division said. About 17 percent of those materials are not recycled and are sent to the landfill because of contamination.

 McDonald’s to ditch plastic straws – McDonald’s will replace plastic straws with paper ones in all its UK and Ireland restaurants, starting from September.

 Burger King has announced that it will roll out compostable straws in its UK restaurants this year as it works to make all its packaging recyclable, biodegradable or compostable by 2025.

 SeaWorld getting rid of plastic straws, plastic bags at all US parks –

 How to Rinse Your Recyclables Without Wasting Water




Coral reefs save humans billions of dollars every year –

 Sushi Served with a Secret Ingredient: Microplastic – the remnants of plastic bags, takeout containers and straws that almost-but-not-quite disintegrate in the oceans — are found in 3 out of 4 fish, such as squid, cuttlefish and swordfish in markets around the world, say the authors of a February study.



Jeff Foote

Jeff Foote is Executive Vice President, Sustainability at TreeZero. He’s also an investor. He has helped hundreds of organizations, both large and small, successfully incorporate sustainability strategies into core business functions. Jeff has traveled to all seven continents working to protect and preserve the environment. Jeff’s mission is to help organizations and individuals use fewer resources to sell more, more profitably.