Video: Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project, Kenya 

Founded in 1997, Wildlife Works has been a pioneer in market based solutions for conservation for 21 years

TreeZero purchases 1 ton of carbon credits from Wildlife Works REDD+ projects in Africa to offset the emissions from every ton of paper sold. Our partnership helps provide alternatives to people in threaten forest communities helping provide gainful employment as an alternative to cutting down trees for charcoal.

Two thirds of the funds TreeZero spends on carbon credits goes to community enhancement and funding local employment.

Jeff Foote

Jeff Foote is Executive Vice President, Sustainability at TreeZero. He’s also an investor. He has helped hundreds of organizations, both large and small, successfully incorporate sustainability strategies into core business functions. Jeff has traveled to all seven continents working to protect and preserve the environment. Jeff’s mission is to help organizations and individuals use fewer resources to sell more, more profitably.