While today, June 5th, is officially World Environment Day, for so many of you, World Environment Day happens each and every day.  Your friends at TreeZero want to give a heartfelt thank you to all those individuals who have made stewardship of the environment their mission.  It is due to your dedication, vision, inspiration and leadership that we are so optimistic about the future.

More and more organizations are measuring their impact and setting science based, public, timebound goals to increase recycling; eliminate threats of deforestation from supply chains; and reducing carbon footprints.

Designers are adopting circular economic principles that mimic nature.  Where no waste is created; and products and services provide community, environmental and economic value.

Innovation and technological advances are making renewable energy not only competitive with fossil fuels, but in many cases, superior in service and cost.

Purchasing agents are creating demand for efficient, sustainable products and services by incorporating the full lifecycle costs of the goods and services we use and purchase.

Marketers are investigating the entire supply chains of their products from raw material extraction to final disposal and embedding sustainability into their brand value architecture.

Employees are volunteering to protect watersheds, pick-up litter and prevent pollution.

Consumers are demanding companies and brands provide increased levels of transparency, take greater responsibility for reducing impacts and provide solutions to any leftover pollution.

Individual, institutional and corporate investors are using social, environmental and governance commitments and performance as primary criteria for investing trillions of dollars annually.

Each of us has responsibility in our personal and professional lives to strive to leave the earth a better place than when we arrived.   We can all, and must, do more.

Please accept our thanks and gratitude for your vision for environmental excellence, your servant leadership and partnership with the environment.


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Jeff Foote

Jeff Foote is Executive Vice President, Sustainability at TreeZero. He’s also an investor. He has helped hundreds of organizations, both large and small, successfully incorporate sustainability strategies into core business functions. Jeff has traveled to all seven continents working to protect and preserve the environment. Jeff’s mission is to help organizations and individuals use fewer resources to sell more, more profitably.