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Trees Belong in Nature, Not in Paper
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Learn about why choosing a tree-free paper product helps our environment, helps you run your business, and works as efficiently as your current paper.

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Healthy World, Healthy Business

Our goal is to help businesses, universities and environmentally conscious consumers reduce their carbon footprint while providing the highest quality tree-free paper products.

TreeFrog paper is our solution. With our partnerships, distribution channels, and certified tree-free products, we are providing a sustainable solution for paper use that is changing the way people think about paper.

Paper, Reinvented

TreeZero paper is 100% tree-free made entirely from sugarcane waste fiber called bagasse. Bagasse is a RRF (Rapidly Renewable Fiber) as it is a plant fiber which can be harvested in a ten year or less cycle Рin fact sugarcane can be harvested 2-3 times a year.  While TreeFrog is indistinguishable from traditional copy paper every sheet conserves natural forest and biodiversity supporting your forest conservation goals.

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