TreeZero is the only 100% tree free, carbon neutral paper brand in North America. Our paper products are made using sustainable, sugarcane based natural resources. One pallet (40 boxes) of TreeZero paper saves 24 trees, while one pallet of 30% recycled paper saves just 7 trees. 1 In addition, TreeZero paper delivers excellent print quality when compared to regular recycled paper.

We are dedicated to doing the most good for the earth and helping you to achieve your organization’s or even your individual sustainability goals and objectives.

TreeZero will soon launch additional innovative tree free, carbon neutral
products. Check back later for more info.

1Recycled Papers: The Essential Guide by Claudia Thompson.

TreeZero paper is made from 100% sugarcane waste fiber, a rapidly renewable fiber. The paper is 8.5 x 11  inches, 20 lb., 92 bright, white – ECF (elemental chlorine-free).

Spec Sheet

TreeZero paper has been extensively tested by commercial printing companies and runs seamlessly through laser, inkjet and color printers and copiers.

Third Party Alliances

Through extensive partnerships with third-party organizations, TreeZero is able to validate sustainability standards and further its mission to make a positive impact on the environment for future generations.


Emissions from the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of TreeZero’s multipurpose paper have been offset by VCS Standard verified carbon credits purchased from Wildlife Works Carbon projects operating under the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards.

Our Audience

We enable  companies, colleges and universities, government agencies and consumers with a passion for sustainability to be more environmentally responsible with our 100% tree free, carbon neutral paper products.

Where to Buy

TreeZero Paper is currently available at:


Purchase on Contract through your Office Products Account Manager

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